Ben Sumner is a man who really likes to be in control. He’s starting to lose that, of course, where Maggie Lawrence is concerned. Ben Sumner 33 years old but his aunt still calls him Benji. Founder and CEO of Sumner Integrated Software Solutions Biggest thing he hopes the women he dates never find out: He was the president of his high school Dungeons and Dragons club. His goal: Cut costs and get his mother and Maggie under control so he can save the family business and his mother’s dream. The sooner, the better, too. He’s got a life to get back to and that life sure as hell isn’t located in Canyon Creek.
Emmett Sumner is the writer in our world. He writes mysteries now, but he’s going to be writing romance in the future. Don’t you wish you could help him map out all those naughty scenes? His popular series is called The Birchfield Brown Series, affectionately called Birch and Brown by his fans. It’s named after the two main characters, an unlikely crime fighting duo. Nathaniel Birchfield was a seasoned detective with the Chicago Police Department, and Dr. Vanessa Brown was the newly hired county coroner.
What can we say about yummy Max Sumner? This NFL bad boy is famous for his moves on and off the field. At 6′ 3″ with a dimple when he grins, he’s the answer to any woman’s fantasies. Max has always been in need of discipline. Just ask his brother, Grant. When they were in high school, Max put glue in Grant’s hair gel.
Aaron Sumner takes himself and his career far too seriously.
Jake Sumner …. those eyes. Need we say more?
Oh Grant. The whole world loves Grant Sumner. His career on the bug screen has made him the center of many-a-fantasy. That focus, that attention….wouldn’t you love to have him turn that to you?

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